We aim to show that folksong is a vital, colourful, source of inspiration. We work with artists, writers and musicians to show that every generation can discover folklore and myth anew as a way to connect to the past and understand the universality of human experience. We will follow the golden threads of folk songs, stories, craft and myth through time and across borders of many kinds.

“Oh, had I a golden thread 
And a needle so fine
I would weave a magic strand
Of rainbow design, of rainbow design
In it I’d weave the bravery
Of women giving birth
And in it I would weave the innocence
Of children of all the earth, children of all the earth”.
— Pete Seeger, 1960.

our mission


With this website;

With events we deliver as GTP and with collaborators such as the Murri Collective;

With publishing through our Bugboar Press imprint;

We are engage with a widening pool of contributors sharing fascinations with world folksong and folklore, principally using the visual mediums of illustration, printmaking and comics, but also via craft, writing, music and moving image.




  • To work progressively to allow new envisionings and reappraisals of archive material, imagery and recordings.

  • To be informative, entertaining and visually progressive. Backed up with factual content with each feature.

  • The GTP is to be as open for as many people to enjoy as possible, as well as offering published content and merchandise to buy.



Illustrator/Comic Artist Geoff Coupland (aka ZEEL) has a longstanding interest in folklore and has appeared at Cecil Sharp House with his magic lantern show based on the song "Babes in the Wood". He was also a part of the seminal MURRI folk disco instigated by artist Stephen Fowler in the early 2000’s, and has regularly alluded to and included Mythic and Folkloric elements into his comics, effigies and artwork thereafter.  


Illustrator/Printmaker Aidan Saunders is often to be seen at arts and music festivals with his Print Wagon, freshly pressing lino prints. His fascination with Americana was the spark that formed the basis of the Golden Thread Project.


So far we have had the great pleasure of working with a fine mix of practicing artists of many ilks; from established artists like Hunt Emerson, Gary Northfield and Jonny Hannah, to rising stars studying at University of the Arts London.


Aidan Saunders, Beau Brannick, Bette Belle Blanchard, Billy Mather, Daryl Rainbow, Drew Webster, Fiontan Fitzgerald, Fran Colomb, Gary Northfield, Hannah Dyson, Hunt Emerson, Jim Stoten, Jonathan Edwards, Jonny Hannah, Kim Fountain, Lesley Barnes, Lord Hurk, Marie Morelle, Mark Stafford, Nick White, Orson Coupland, Peter Lloyd, Rob Nicol, Soju Tanaka, Stephen Fowler, Tommy Brentnall, Woodrow Phoenix, Celine Lau, David Lucas, Jonc Buczek, Pat MacDonald and ZEEL.


We will be working with writers as well as artists to build content for you.


Musicians and performers we have worked with so far include:  Lisa Knapp (singer), Drew Webster, Nick White, Jam Bank ( aka Orson Coupland and Jim Stoten ) , Dan Eccles & Jake Jones (appalachian-style clog dancers extraordinaire), Ted Versicolor and Nic Burrows. PLUS> DJs Mike Gavin, Parker, Nervous Stephen and ZEEL.


Maeve Eydmann, Louise Harries, John Fisher, James Corcoran, Carolina Larsson, Mark Pecoraro, Steven Cavagnet, Andrew Workman, Tanya Peixoto, Danqon Juan, Barbara Chamberlin, Sarah McIntyre, Jon Humphreys, David Hine, Stefan Marjoram, Pip Rowson, Nick Huxley, Catherine Faulkner, Mark Pecoraro, Brenville, Emma Allison, Hotelfred, Robert Nicol, Mo Heard, Nick Huxley, Chase Ninja, Vincent Saisset, BrianChris, Jared Myland, Vicki  Johnson, Buzz Saunders, Richard Phillips, Desdemona Mccannon, Marie Morelle, Deborah Head, Nadia Mohammad, Owen Davey, Brian Whitewick, Simon Burbidge, Eloise Gemma Attlee Tomlinson, Jay Cover, Peter Quinnell, Hannah Lee Miller, Matt Breckons,Tara Lucy, Rebecca Head, Peter Allen, Aaron Dernley, James Tredgett, Sophie Pendrell, Kevin Lawlor, Simon Gentry, Shane Jones, Rob Davis, Neil Jennings, Louise Heard, Ryan French, Kate Fishenden, Simon Smith, Jo Stafford.


ZEEL and Aidan have a lot of experience as educators, and run various workshops relating to comics, illustration, printmaking, folksong and folklore artworking. Contact us thus. In addition, in conjunction with the MURRI Collective, we can offer contacts to arrange art workshops of many kinds led by diverse GTP affiliates .


We are very pleased to have worked with the English Folk Dance & Song Society, Wow and Flutter, Benjamin Pollocks Toy Theatres, University of the Arts London and The Lakes International Comics Festival,